Case Results

State v. Miller

Client was ticketed in an accident case by the Columbus Police Department. Won in trial; nothing on the client's record, including no fine and no ODMV points.

State v. Thompson

Successfully argued for reversal of a trial court's decision on a motion to suppress where the police found drugs in a motorist's car.

State v. Matheney

Won a motion to suppress on a dog-sniff case where drugs and a gun were found inside the car.

State v. Coleman

Won an appeal of an assault on an officer case where the defendant argued he was not competent to stand trial.

State v. Horobin

Reached a successful verdict on a grand theft auto trial where a man stole his friend’s car at Christmas time.

State v. Moody

Successfully argued an appeal of a felonious assault and permitting child abuse case in Dayton, Ohio where a mother was convicted of allowing her boyfriend to kill her two-year-old son.


Acquitted at trial of driving while impaired, after judge suppressed client's breath test at an hearing: The officer charged client with OVI after she got in an accident, but the Judge ruled at trial that the evidence of her being impaired was legally insufficient, and the case got dismissed. 2018.


Evidence of domestic violence allegation suppressed at an evidentiary hearing after judge found client's Fourth Amendment right was violated. 2018.


Not guilty after traffic trial, client was accused of not stopping for a school bus. 2017.


Won speedy trial argument on appeal where principal was charged with duty to report abuse. The Appellate Court found that client's right to a speedy trial was violated.


Won OVI appeal where Court reversed felony OVI charges, finding that client only committed misdemeanor OVI because the state did not prove otherwise.