Protecting Your Second Amendment Rights

At Campbell Law LLC in Dublin, we help Ohio residents in the Columbus area protect and restore their Second Amendment rights after facing criminal charges or a conviction. For you, the ability to possess a firearm is an important personal right. Our attorney will work diligently to shield you from various consequences, including the loss of that right. We can also help you through the process of restoring this right after a conviction.

Weapons offenses can lead to state and federal charges, as well as a range of criminal penalties. We understand what is at stake when facing weapons charges of any kind, and our attorney April Campbell knows how to build a strong and aggressive defense strategy for you. Whether it is in a plea agreement or during trial, she will fight to protect your best interests and secure the best possible outcome to your individual case.

A Strong Defense Against Any Type Of Weapons Charge

Our lawyer has a background as a prosecutor. This allows her to understand how the prosecution may approach your case. Closely familiar with every aspect of the criminal justice process, April Campbell will help you navigate each step, avoid missteps and protect your rights. We build a strong defense against any type of weapons-related charge and help protect your rights in matters pertaining to the following:

We recognize the importance of working not only to defend you against charges and keep you out of jail, but also to shield you from the repercussions that can affect your Second Amendment rights. Our goal is the full protection of your best interests, from the initial stages of your case to post-conviction concerns.

An Aggressive Representation Of Your Interests

Weapons charges are serious, but our lawyer can provide the serious defense counsel you need. Contact our office by completing the online form or calling our office at 614-356-8515 for additional information.