Do You Have The Right To Carry A Firearm In Public?

For many Ohio residents, the right to own and carry a firearm is a personal freedom of utmost importance. However, there are strict laws in place regarding how and when people may possess guns, and violations of these laws can lead to serious legal penalties. At Campbell Law LLC, we help individuals in Dublin and throughout the state understand their rights and protect their ability to own a firearm.

Ohio is an open carry state, which means that individuals who meet certain criteria have the right to carry a firearm publicly. It is in your interests to fully understand your rights and whether or not there are any prohibitions that preclude you from carrying. Our lawyer April Campbell is closely familiar with gun laws, and she can help you navigate any issues related to weapons charges, permission to carry and your Second Amendment rights.

What You Need To Know About Open Carry In Ohio

If you have taken appropriate steps to legally own a gun and wish to carry it in public places, there are certain things you should know in order to protect your interests and avoid unnecessary complications. These things may include the following:

  • If you carry a firearm in your vehicle, you must have appropriate permissions to conceal and carry a weapon.
  • There are certain places where you cannot bring a gun, including federal property, schools and any type of government property.
  • Property and business owners have the right to ask you to leave if they do not allow guns in their privately operated stores or properties.
  • It is against the law to drink while open carrying a firearm.
  • If police question you about your open carry rights, stay calm and keep your hands away from your weapon until the situation is resolved.

Our firm can answer your questions and address your concerns related to possession of a firearm or the specific rights granted to you.

An Experienced Attorney By Your Side

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