Will You Be Able To Own A Gun After A Conviction?

Certain criminal convictions can permanently strip you of your rights to own a firearm. If you are an Ohio resident with a record, yet, you wish to possess a firearm for personal protection or hunting, we are here to help. At Campbell Law LLC, we can help you take the necessary steps to restore your rights to have a firearm after a conviction.

Restoring your gun privileges can be an extensive and sometimes complex process, but we will walk with you through every step. Our experienced attorney April Campbell can help you address your post-conviction concerns, including reclaiming Second Amendment rights. We can help you navigate every step to firearms rights restoration, including explaining eligibility requirements and representing your interests in necessary hearings.

Steps To Restoring Your Rights

A court will decide if you deserve to have your firearms rights restored to you. When considering your case, the court will look at your criminal history and will consider various other factors. In order to be eligible for a restoration of these privileges, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete discharge from parole, community service or any conviction-related requirements
  • Evidence of being a law abiding citizen since the time of your conviction
  • Proof that indicates you will likely continue to abide by the law
  • Lack of other legal factors preventing you from owing a gun

The specific process of restoring gun rights can differ from county to county. Our lawyer is closely familiar with these differences, which allows her to effectively navigate this process on your behalf no matter what county we need to go to. Her knowledge of the system allows her to build a strong case on your behalf, avoid mistakes and continue with an appeal, if necessary.

Fighting For Your Rights

We are dedicated to your rights, no matter your criminal history. If restoring your gun ownership privileges is important to you, it is important to us. Contact our Dublin office at 614-356-8515 or email us to set up an appointment to speak with our lawyer.