Can Your Criminal Record Keep You From Hunting?

If you have a felony criminal conviction on your record, it can affect you in more ways than you may realize. Even if your conviction was years ago and your record is clear since, you will not have the legal right to possess a firearm unless you take specific steps to restore this right. This can mean you will not have the ability to hunt with a firearm.

At Campbell Law LLC in Dublin, we understand that hunting may be an important aspect of your life, and we believe in helping hunters restore their privileges so that they can once again enjoy this activity. Our experienced attorney April Campbell has extensive experience helping Ohio men and women living in the Columbus area restore their gun rights, and she can help you. She can explain eligibility requirements, represent you in hearings and assist you with each step of the process.

Gun Rights And Ohio Hunters

As a hunter, losing your right to own a firearm after a felony conviction or a conviction for domestic violence will take away your ability to enjoy this specific activity. If you have a felony conviction and have a gun in your possession, you will face serious criminal consequences. Fortunately, there are ways that people can restore their right to own a weapon and get back to hunting.

We can help you take the necessary steps to restore your privileges and reclaim your right to hunt. Our lawyer will start with a personal and in-depth evaluation of your case, helping you understand the eligibility requirements and the steps you need to take. Attorney Campbell is closely familiar with the procedures for restoring firearm privileges across the state, and she can be the legal ally you need during this process.

An Explanation Of Your Legal Options

You deserve to know your options. If you are a hunter and you want to restore your right to have a gun after a felony conviction, we can help. Schedule your meeting with our lawyer and evaluation of your case by calling 614-356-8515 or emailing us for an appointment.