Protect Your Future From The Effects Of A Conviction

A criminal conviction can affect multiple areas of your life, including your career opportunities, your education and even your right to own a gun. If you have a criminal record, you likely have firsthand experience with the negative impact of a conviction, no matter how long ago it happened. It could beneficial for you to explore the option for expunging or sealing your record.

At Campbell Law LLC, we strive to help individuals protect their futures after a conviction. Our lawyer can help you understand if it may be possible to expunge or seal your record, which can allow you to have additional opportunities and freedoms, including the restoration of your Second Amendment rights. Dublin lawyer April Campbell has the experience and knowledge necessary to navigate sensitive post-conviction matters, and she is adept at helping her Ohio clients reach reasonable conclusions to their legal concerns.

What Will Your Criminal Record Mean For Your Life?

A conviction can mean more than just a potential jail sentence and expensive fines. It can have negative implications for multiple areas of your life, including in the following ways:

  • Ability to secure financial aid for college, retain scholarships and participate in certain extracurricular activities
  • Applications for housing and employment opportunities
  • Right to own a firearm, even for hunting

Through expungement and sealing your criminal record, you can move forward and enjoy new opportunities. The process of expungement means your record is sealed, or essentially erased, in the eyes of the law. This means you will not have to disclose your conviction on applications and, in most cases, it will not show up on background checks. Sealing your record means that they will still exist in the criminal justice system, even if the details are private, and are still considered as prior convictions on your record.

Expungement or sealing your records will not automatically restore your gun rights. This is a separate process you will need to go through in order to carry a weapon again.

Discover Your Legal Options

Various factors will determine if a court will grant an expungement or seal your criminal record. We will work hard to help you put the past behind you, guiding you through the appropriate steps. Discover your options by calling our office at 614-356-8515 or emailing us for more information.