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Should I Fight My Speeding Ticket?


Contesting a speeding ticket can definitely be worth your time and expense, even if you committed the traffic violation. That's right, even if you committed the violation. Here's why: Oftentimes, the consequences to just paying your ticket online are too sever to ignore.

For example, you could easily have your license suspended by the ODMV, if the officer did not accept your proof of insurance. You might also unnecessarily rack up points on your license. This could cause issues with your insurance rates, make it more difficult to contest tickets in the future, can cause your license to get suspended, and can affect your ability to work.

Going to court is an especially wise choice if you hold a commercial driver's license, or use a company vehicle. Many speeding convictions in Ohio come with points, and carrying points often automatically disqualifies people from many driving jobs.

But here is the good news: if you want to fight a speeding ticket is, police and prosecutors can have a hard time proving that the offense occurred. The prosecution must present clear evidence that the device used to track and record a suspect's speed was working properly and recently calibrated when the officer used it. Any missing paperwork on how recently the device was serviced can work in your favor. And if the officer cannot adequately describe or demonstrate how to use the device properly, or if the officer did not track your speed in the manner in which he was trained to track it, this will affect the prosecutor's ability to prove the case against you.

Yet another reason to take a speeding ticket to court is that the officer who issued the citation may not appear to testify. You may not automatically have the charge dismissed if the officer misses the original hearing date, but dismissal is a possibility.

Another possibility, in lieu of taking your ticket to trial, is to have your speeding ticket attorney negotiate for a plea to a lesser offense; one that does not impose points against your license.

You should speak with a speeding ticket attorney in Columbus, Ohio, before just accepting the fine and any points. It just makes good financial sense. To schedule a free consultation, call April Campbell at (614) 356-8515 or reach out to her online.

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