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Suspicion of OVI often arises out of driving behaviors

Driving too fast or too slow on an Ohio roadway draws attention. So does drifting out of the lane of travel or stopping in the middle of an intersection for no apparent reason. These are driving behaviors that often arouse suspicion of OVI from other drivers and law enforcement officers.

Erratic driving behaviors aroused the suspicion of a family living on a farm here in Ohio. Periodically, people drive onto their land to kick up some dirt with a new vehicle even though it is private property. A talk with the driver usually resolves the problem, but not this time. When one family member's vehicle approached the trespassing vehicle, the driver never had a chance to ask the other driver to leave because the vehicle sped away.

Family members called police indicating that they believe the driver of the erratic vehicle must be drunk or on drugs based on the vehicle's movements. While they waited for Delaware County deputies to arrive, several members of the family attempted to corral the vehicle, but it did not work. About 40 minutes after calling 911 that deputies and a helicopter were able to surround and stop the vehicle. Police took the driver into custody on suspicion of OVI, among other things.

Whether this man was impaired at the time remains to be seen. At this time, only the story of others is known. Before anyone can be convicted of OVI, or any other crime for that matter, he or she has the right to present a defense. In addition, Ohio prosecutors must prove to the court beyond a reasonable doubt that the person accused was actually guilty of the charges alleged.

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