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Yet another reason to challenge an Ohio OVI charge

Ohio residents are aware that there are criminal repercussions for drunk driving. What they may not realize is other areas of their lives are also affected. Depending on the circumstances, an OVI conviction can affect the ability to keep or obtain a job, the ability to go to college or receive a scholarship, or even affect finding a place to live. There is also another aspect of a person's life affected by such a conviction -- auto insurance.

Anyone found guilty of OVI knows that it comes with certain financial consequences. However, he or she may not have immediately considered how it would affect auto insurance premiums. Even though insurance rates may not rise as much here in Ohio as they do elsewhere across the country, for anyone who relies on a budget to meet his or her financial obligations each month, any increase could result in serious monetary issues.

Even if an individual attempts to change companies in an attempt to find lower premiums, it will not be quite as easy as he or she might think. An OVI conviction makes a driver a "risk" as far as insurance companies are concerned. Ohio premiums rise an average of $568 a year for such a driver.

Most drivers facing an OVI charge may already have enough reason to contest the charges without worrying about rising insurance rates. Even so, it gives those teetering on the fence about doing so yet another reason to err on the side of caution when it comes to dealing with the situation. There are many ways to avoid a drunk driving conviction if the circumstances are right, and exploring them is the first step.

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