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The basics of Ohio's weapons crimes

Owning firearms may be a right under the Second Amendment to the U.S Constitution, but there are limitations. Each state has its own gun laws in order to help ensure the safety of the public. Ohio residents who own weapons, or want to own them, will need to have a basic understanding of the state's gun laws in order to make sure they do not end up charged with weapons crimes. 

Some Ohio gun owners could face weapons crimes for concealment

It is permissible in Ohio to carry concealed firearms as long as the individual doing so has a valid license. Unfortunately, last year, authorities discovered that two firearms instructors here in the state allegedly falsified records that resulted in numerous gun owners receiving a concealed carry permit illegally. Some of those owners could end up facing charges for weapons crimes if they carry their weapons concealed without a valid license to do so.

The right to carry a firearm could clash with weapons crimes

Most Ohio residents know that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution allows them to keep and bear arms. Even so, the government puts restrictions on how and when residents may exercise this right. For this reason, the right to carry a firearm often clashes with established weapons crimes.

Can I have my criminal record cleared in Ohio?

When you were younger, you made a poor choice that led to a criminal conviction. You regret this mistake every day. Because of your criminal record, you have been turned down for housing, jobs and other opportunities. There is no way to turn back time, but you may be able to expunge an offense from your criminal record.

Weapons crimes and the 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. Even so, there are still numerous weapons crimes for which individuals here in Ohio can face charges. You should know that being charged with a crime does not mean you will get convicted of it. But you need an attorney that knows how to provide the right defense. 

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